Old Man (single)

by Todd Mathis

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From the upcoming album Love in the City
Including the unreleased track A Song About Me


released October 7, 2016

Old Man:
Andrew Brooks - drums
Chris Compton - backing vocals
Randy Franklin - bass
Jonathan Lovett - organ
Todd Mathis - vocals, guitar, piano, synth
Noel Rodgers - guitar

A Song About Me:
Paul Bodamer - drums
Randy Franklin - bass
Bentz Kirby - guitar
Todd Mathis - vocals, guitar

Recorded/Engineered/Mixed by Paul Bodamer
at jangly records Columbia, SC & High Fidelity Recordings Columbia, SC
Mastered by Paul Bodamer at High Fidelity Recordings
Additional Recording/Engineering by Carl Burnitz & John Epps at High Fidelity Recording & by Mathis at stepoutoftheline mobile studios
Artwork & Design by Kevin Kimbrell www.ultracoldsound.com



all rights reserved


Todd Mathis Columbia, South Carolina

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Track Name: A Song About Me
I was thinking how things had gotten pretty rough
With the government, current events, all that stuff
So I was gonna write a song about peace or war
Maybe a protest anthem for the working poor

I got distracted on the internet
I needed a song and my time was spent
I remembered the saying “write what you know”
I and do know me, that’s for sure

Tomato soup is my comfort food
I enjoy sleeping in the nude
I’m just a little bit OCD
But try to not let it get to me
Used to throw up before all of my shows
Love being out on the road
Get a sinus infection at least once a year
Stella is my favorite beer

I thought about singing about myself
Then decided that was arrogant of myself
So again I focused on someone else
But in the end came right back to myself

I was raised in the church since before I was born
Heard that preacher scream with damnation and scorn
Baptized before I’d ever seen CNN
To see the shape the world was in
I’ve worked for lawyers for a good long while
Paralegaling and sorting files
Don’t always like who we represent
But at the end of the day it pays the rent

I like English Breakfast Tea
Sometimes I’ll sit down just to pee
My best friend lives in New York City
Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty
Cheerios they make me burp
I like to stay busy, at home or work
I hate to shave, and I’m going bald
I prefer the heat over the cold

My bilirubin is a bit too high
And my red blood cells prematurely die
I can geek on some Star Wars with the best of em
With the Trek I prefer the next generation
Pizza is my favorite food
I try to stay in a pretty good mood
Love the Afghan Whigs, Oasis too
Yoakam, Snider and Juradro are all in my que